Can Pep Guardiola win the treble this season with Manchester City?

Can Pep Guardiola win the treble this season with Manchester City?
Can Pep Guardiola win the treble this season with Manchester City?

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Manchester City Having seen how pep and his boys are making huge impacts and managing any football encounters you have to realise whatever it takes that this Manchester city has the capacity to win treble this time round.

You know premier league title is already on their hand what they are thinking of are those finals with inter and Manchester united and both of them are not so strong.

Considering pep’s tactical expertise you have to accept the outcome and the results of those finals and most probably everything will be pep’s side as long as inter and Manchester can’t hold the huge ball and strength that these Manchester city are presenting be it whatever the overall controll of the games and other things.

In short, Manchester city will win treble as long as they have the capacity to do so and to be honest, Manchester city’s performance are so impressive so if they make it it will not be a surprise it’s something that they were expecting from.

Let’s see the three competitions they are left in;

Premier League TV:

Three games to go- Chelsea(H), Brighton(A), Brentford(A)

City need three points to win the title or will be champions if Nottingham Forest beat Arsenal tomorrow. 99% chance of winning the league title.

FA Cup:

A Manchester derby in a cup final. Their city rivals will be desperate to deny their noisy neighbors a chance to complete the treble. Man Utd remain the only English club to have done a treble. This game will be the most challenging for City. But saying all that City should be able to beat Utd. I go 60–40 for City to lift the FA Cup.

Champions League:

The holy grail for City. Also Pep’s chance to win the European crown for the first time after Barcelona. In their way stand Inter Milan. The way that City blew Real away in the semi final, if they play like that again, Inter will be no match. 70–30 for City to win the Champions League.

Of the challenges left in City’s quest to win the treble, Man Utd in the FA Cup is the toughest. If they win that they should be able to complete the treble.


city need 3 points from one of their last 3 games of the 3 matches left chelsea are probably our toughest to get past, yes I know they are having a poor season, but teams that are having poor seasons tend to suddenly hit form when they play city and chelsea will be no exception, but I still think we will finish top so we have one of the 3 in the bag hopefully by the end of the weekend!


Our local and oldest rivals stand in the way of this one, United will be up for it no doubt about that! It’s not every day you can beat a rival, claim silverware and local bragging rights on the same day! On paper city are a much better side than United and will no doubt United will give city a good show, but will it be enough? I don’t know enough about ETH to speak of his tactics I do however know that peps tinkering cost city in their last (and only) UCL final against Chelsea! If pep can avoid tinkering his team it should be an easy win for city,


this will be citys second UCL final in their history, it’s a big occasion and I’m glad it’s inter we have rather than one of Europes giants! That being said inter are far from a poor team, and like with the FA Cup final if pep can avoid changing his tactics then on paper city should do to inter what they did to Real Madrid!

Premier league is in the bag only a monumental cock up will stop that as for the other two it’s anyone’s guess, on paper we’re better than both, on the day remains to be seen!

Can Pep Guardiola win the treble this season with Manchester City?

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