Dalglish Explains Why Rangers And Celtic Won’t Be “Parachuting” Into EPL

Dalglish Explains Why Rangers And Celtic Won’t Be “Parachuting” Into EPL

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Kenny Dalglish believes there would be a greater likelihood of both Rangers and Celtic having to start life in the fourth division if they were to make the switch to England.

The former Celtic and Liverpool forward thinks sporting merit will be a factor, and while he says both Old Firm clubs would cope comfortably in the top half of the Premier League, he feels they may have to work their way through the professional leagues:

“I’m not sure about parachuting them straight into the English Premier League, or the Championship. Surely there would need to be a due process? Surely, they’d need to start in League Two, and work their way up through the divisions? People will rightly ask if that is not a contradiction of what was proposed in the setting-up of the ESL?”

“Maybe yes, maybe no. Either way, I believe all clubs need to earn the right to success. We have been here before with all of this talk of the Old Firm moving to England. I honestly don’t know if the top English clubs really want Rangers and Celtic in any new set-up. It’s been mentioned for more than 20 years, but has never got off the ground.”

As Dalglish says, the prospect of a British Super League doesn’t really seem that likely at this stage and, while Rangers fans may be intrigued by the idea of facing the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea every week, there a number of obstacles in the way of it happening.

Particularly if the Gers were asked to start in League Two, it would not be an attractive proposition and we shall see if any genuine proposal comes from this speculation.

Dalglish Explains Why Rangers And Celtic Won’t Be “Parachuting” Into EPL

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