The iconic Kelce brothers are making history Sunday night – becoming the first brother duo to face off against each other during Super Bowl LVII. 

Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman, will play against his brother, Travis Kelce, who is the Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end, to bring home the ultimate win of the season. 

Their Ohio high school coach, Mike Jones, spoke very highly of the talented football stars ahead of Sunday’s big game, detailing what it was like to be a part of their athletic journeys when they first began on “Fox & Friends Weekend.”

“They were definitely competitive,” Jones told Will Cain on Sunday. “Jason was the ultimate big brother. Travis was loosey goosey because he was really popular and a real nice looking young man as well as Jason, but Jason was the ultimate big brother, trying to just pull in Travis along, making sure Travis is where he’s supposed to be, those type of things.”

“But they’re very competitive,” he continued. “You can tell their parents had them… competing as young men, and you can tell when they got to middle school and high school to me, so… Jason is like I said… one of our leaders on the team. Travis… became one of the leaders after Jason kind of moved on.”

Cleveland Heights High Schools lights up in honor of Kelce brothers facing off against each other during Super Bowl LVII.

Cleveland Heights High Schools lights up in honor of Kelce brothers facing off against each other during Super Bowl LVII.

Cleveland Heights High School even honored the brothers’ upcoming face-off by lighting up half the school in red, and the other half in green, ahead of the final match-up of the season. 

Jones explained what it was like to work with the brothers on the field early on, detailing how both Jason and Travis evolved into their positions during their high school years. 

“They grew into these positions,” Jones said. “Travis was our quarterback in high school. Jason was a linebacker and played a little fullback, maybe a little tight end occasionally, but Travis was always the quarterback.”

“He was our best player on the team, so he had the ball in his hands the entire time,” he continued. 

Kelce brothers' HS football coach shares memories of Super Bowl bound siblingsVideo

The brothers will compete for the Vince Lombardi Trophy at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona – the home of the Arizona Cardinals. It will be the third time the stadium has hosted the Big Game. They hosted Super Bowl XLII and Super Bowl XLIX when it was known as the University of Phoenix Stadium.

“It was a joy having both of the guys,” Jones said. “Two talented young men with great parents that kept them involved in all kinds of different things. So they were definitely young men that we were glad to have.”.

The game will start at 6:30 PM ET, and NFL fans can tune into the game on Premier League TV. 

Premier League TV Ryan Gaydos and Tracy Wright contributed to this report.