A female coach in MLS? Phil Neville says “it will only take one and it’ll be a real ripple effect”

S4 E32 segment 2

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S4 E32 segment 2

Inter Miami CF manager Phil Neville started his head coaching career in the women’s game, leading the England women’s national team from 2018-21 prior to his move stateside.

That’s given him a first-hand look at the increasing number of women coaches across the sport, which Neville said is a trend he feels strongly about continuing to foster when speaking to co-hosts Susannah Collins and Jillian Sakovits on The Call Up’s latest episode.

“What I would say is when I went into the women’s job, I had female coaches in and around me,” Neville said. “And I’d say the biggest difference between a female and a male coach at the time was confidence and belief. I always felt as though they thought they weren’t good enough. I think two to three years further on now, I think there’s more confidence, there’s more belief because there’s more opportunity.

“When you see opportunity, you grow in confidence and I think what I’m seeing now in all facets of sport and punditry and life is I think females are getting more confident because they trust now that there will be opportunities.”

Phil Neville on a Future Female Coach in MLS

At Inter Miami, Neville credited his team’s elite fitness levels to the work of performance director Dawn Scott, who is blazing her path in MLS after previously serving in the same capacity for the US women’s national team and as the head of sports science for the England women’s program.

He also cited Casey Stoney, currently head coach of the NWSL’s San Diego Wave, as an example of a coach he believes is more than capable of taking on a role in MLS.

“I would say that it’ll only take one and it’ll be a real ripple effect,” Neville said. “And I hope I can give opportunities like that and have the courage and bravery to do it.”

For more from Neville, check out the full interview on The Call Up here.

A female coach in MLS? Phil Neville says “it will only take one and it’ll be a real ripple effect”

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