Where can I watch EPL matches?

Where can I watch EPL matches?
Where can I watch EPL matches?

With its variety of clubs and annual competition for the Premier League title, it’s no wonder that this league has captured everyone’s attention. From Manchester United to Liverpool – all major European cities have their own team in The EPL (English Premier League). For any true soccer fan though there is still more than enough sport to be found away from England with teams like Chelsea or Arsenal fighting hard against each other in the competition. 

But what if you want to watch the EPL live? It’s not easy finding a way when there are so many options available. Luckily, we have written an in-depth guide on how best for streaming your favorite Premier League match! No matter which service or platform that suits you most, our team is here with solutions tailored specifically towards each one of them. 

How to Watch English Premier League Live Online from Anywhere

Peacock holds the official broadcasting rights from the English Premier League and it is accessible in the US for $4.99/month. Before that, you should know that there are some issues regarding the geo restriction in the country, so you will be needing a VPN provider to go through the gates. Follow the steps below to watch English Premier League Live Online from Anywhere:

Where to watch Premier League Games in the US 

ESPN is the channel to go to for watching the best English football instantly. Fans out there in the US can easily watch the matches online but for those no in the US, you need to download and install a VPN to get hands-on experience of the service provided by ESPN.

Where to watch Premier League Live Stream in Australia

Optus Sports is the channel that holds the broadcasting rights in Australia, for people in Australia, football has been a simple and effective way to consume their utility and for that they watch English Premier League matches.

But without a VPN there is a possibility that you are not able to make the experience buffer-free. For that you need to make a decision to find a pure and a smart VPN provider to stream the matches and give you a seamless experience. 

Where to watch Premier League Games Live Online in Germany

Sky Germany is one of the channels that broadcast premier league feature matches, many times there has been geo restrictions as different users try to connect over to the service but since they do not use a VPN, there is always a breaker in the journey. To hold up to an immaculate and a smooth journey, you need to grab a VPN for a better experience watching Premier League games live online. 

Where to watch Premier League Games Live Stream in New Zealand

Spark Sports hold the official broadcasting rights in NZ for English Premier League 2022. Fans can access the channel via VPN. Follow the steps below to watch premier league games live stream in New Zealand trouble-free